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Gardening Plants & Trees

Calgary Landscaping Services - Vegetable Gardens

A landscape space that conserves water such as xeriscape design and coonstruction using mulch.

Gardening Plants & Trees Video

We frequently build vegetable and herb gardens for clients. Often, they are done in a raised timber or precast concrete block planter because that maximizes the productivity in a small footprint and the improved drainage and soil warming gives a superior growing environment. Even a small vegetable or herb garden can bring you a lot of pleasure and nothing beats fresh produce from your own garden. Herbs can also be grown in pots close to the kitchen door. Doing so greatly increases their usefulness and you can't get any fresher.


Raised beds or planters are also easier to protect from undesirable wildlife by putting barriers on just the bed, not the entire backyard.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Vegetable Gardens

protected vegetable gardens
backyard garden vegetables
landscaping designs using low traffic spaces for vegetable gardens
Feature wall in vegetable garden
vegetable gardens designed beside deck stairs
vegetable garden landscaping feature using Belvedere stone block
acreage vegetable garden as landscaping design feature
Stone block garden beds
landscape design with raised stone block garden