about Dr. JoE

My journey began as a marketing executive at large multi-national firm. After achieving a level of success I realized that even more success in this career was not going to fulfill me. In the late 90’s I began a search for something that would stir my passion. That is when I discovered Naturopathic Medicine and I haven’t looked back.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am enthusiastic about helping my patients overcome hormonal, skin and digestive complaints. I want them to have the vitality and optimal health they deserve and I provide that through engagement and education in a thorough and personal clinical experience. Think of it as an opportunity to share with your doctor everything you wish they could hear about you.

While working with patients, I find it beneficial that they understand what’s going on with their body. I give them the tools to be empowered about their own healing journey. As an ND, I have a special interest in the naturopathic principle of “Docere” or “Doctor as Teacher”. I demonstrate this in all my endeavors whether I’m working with patients, teaching, presenting educational seminars or providing continuing medical education to other professionals.

I graduated from Bastyr University in 2005 and founded Fish Creek Naturopathic Medicine the following year. In addition to clinical practice, I am the Clinician Support Specialist for Rocky Mountain Analytical Laboratory, a division of LifeLabs LP. I am additionally Board Certified as a Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor and spend some of my spare time teaching anatomy, physiology & pathology at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

My patients are able to move forward in their life because they are armed with the knowledge and treatment protocol I have created for them. They enjoy improved digestive function, hormonal balance and increased energy. They become free from the limits of their illness, and are able to thrive.



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