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Block Retaining Walls

Landscaping Services - Block Retaining Walls


Treated Wood retaining wall in Calgary backyard landscaping project
Block Retaining Walls

It could be argued that there are very few flat yards in Calgary. Lucky us, because changes in elevations can provide lots of design potential to make very interesting gardens. Terraces provide opportunities for flow in the garden and make small spaces seem bigger. Retaining walls can give a garden strong bones and be offset by interesting plant materials for a sensational looking garden. Retaining walls are also functional in providing flat spaces for play areas, patio, lawns, planting beds. The grading is one of the first elements of designing a garden, retaining options are explored early in the design process.

Landscaping project examples using stone block retaining walls

Front Yard - Braeside 001 landscaping project

Using Rosetta Outcropping manufactured stone blocks was the answer for this large backyard space, which is less expensive than natural stone and takes less install time. The land naturally climbed from the house to the back of the lot, so it made sense to design a larger retaining wall near the back of the property to make more useable space for the family. The fire pit area was carved out using these large retaining wall blocks and then gave a large flat space for a patio and grassy play area on the same level. From a design perspective, the retaining wall faces the house, so from the house or outdoor kitchen area, the customer chose the larger size and scale of the Rosetta Outcropping stone blocks rather than a smaller stone block which could look busy. Also due to the overall length of retaining wall required, it made sense to use the larger chunky looking stone block.

View the project page for more landscaping photos, videos and information.

retaining walls and gardens
View the original yard prior to landscape design and construction

Landscaping Services Photos - Landscaping Services - Block Retaining Walls

Pisa2 retaining walls and steps
steep slope managed with Pisa2 retaining wall blocks
round paver patio area supported by Pisa2 retaining wall blocks
Pisa 2 retaining blocks used for wall and steps
Roman Pisa blocks used for retaining wall and steps
modern retaining wall look using Pisa 2 blocks
retaining wall blocks used to create a landing from the door to ground level
Belvedere retaining wall blocks in frontyard landscaping
retaining wall blocks used to create landing to patio space
Circular landing created with Roman Pisa retaining wall blocks
Belvedere retaining wall blocks in front yard garden
Large Rosetta retaining wall blocks