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Artificial Grass | Synthetic Turf

Calgary Landscaping Services - Artificial Grass

Artificial grass or turf used for a low maintenance yard

Artificial Grass | Synthetic Turf Video

We also utilize synthetic turf into other landscape areas like play spaces, dog runs, or as a replacement for traditional natural turf. Synthetic turf is ideal for a dog run as they can't dig through it, it can be cleaned and hosed down from time to time, its easy on their feet, and products can be used on it to minimize odours. High traffic play areas where it is difficult to keep natural turf healthy benefit from synthetic turf. Current products come in a variety of lengths and have a blend of fibres in different shades of green and even realistic looking thatch fibres. Each application is custom, and we enjoy the challenge each project brings.


In addition to mulch being suitable for planting beds we also use it extensively in 'dead' zones like between houses where a clean finish is desired and turf grass doesn't grow well anyway. Save your turf inputs for the functional turf areas that function as play spaces for kids and pets or as a traditional front lawn that offsets your home as a design element.

Landscaping Services Photos - Calgary Landscaping Services - Artificial Grass

fake grass or artificial turf in lakefront landscaping design
Shorter artifical turf area designed into backyard
Artificial turf / grass surrounds the modern paver patio
side of house dog run with artificial turf
dog run looks clean and green with artificial grass
always green fake grass or artificial grass
Artificial turf keeps the dog happy and yard looking clean

Beachfront properties typically have some form of retaining to level useable land space. This space is perfect for gathering spaces with a view or even activity spaces.
landscape design project on lakefront property
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